VIDEO: Unmasking the Globalist Puppetry Scheme

In a recent podcast conversation with Shawn Ryan, GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy delved into his thoughts on the concept of the deep state and outlined his strategy for combatting it. He spared no words, characterizing U.S. politicians as “puppets” and “hollowed out husks” operating within a larger ‘globalist machine’.

Ramaswamy pointed out, “We’re facing a machine. If we believe we can tackle it through individual confrontations, like uncovering globalist cabals in clandestine meetings, that’s an outdated approach. That’s how it functioned in the past.”

He elaborated, comparing the current situation to a modern-day version of 1775, where the old-world concept of a select few making decisions for the entire society is reemerging. “In the past, a group would gather in palace halls, deciding what’s best for the masses. This notion from the past is resurfacing in our country.”

Ramaswamy stressed that this notion undermines the belief in the power of the people to engage in open dialogue and debate within a constitutional framework. He declared, “We fought against this vision during the revolution. We, the people in this constitutional republic, decide how we govern ourselves.”

He continued, illustrating the contemporary manifestation of this notion. “Now this old concept takes shape in government buildings, in corporate boardrooms, in universities, and even in diplomatic corridors. It’s a widespread managerial class that’s challenging to pin down, as it permeates various institutions both inside and outside of the government.”

Ramaswamy emphasized, “The true divide in our nation isn’t between Republicans and Democrats. It’s between the managerial class and the citizens.”

President Trump, when asked about Ramaswamy, expressed openness to considering him as a potential vice-presidential candidate. Trump commended Ramaswamy, citing his praise of Trump as the best president in a generation and highlighting his intelligence and energy. While Trump suggested that Ramaswamy could play a role in his administration, Ramaswamy has maintained his focus on the presidency and ruled out the possibility of serving as anyone else’s Vice President, citing a shared reluctance with Trump for a second-place position.