Shocking: Death Labs Hidden in America

In a hard-hitting expose with Tucker Carlson, potential future president Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pulled the veil off America’s deep state bioweapon operations. Revealing that the U.S. has been meddling with bioweapons under the guise of “research”, Kennedy did not mince words about the alarming lack of oversight for these mad scientists.

In a startling conversation centered on shadowy biolabs in Ukraine, Kennedy dropped the bombshell: “We have biolabs in Ukraine for one sinister reason – crafting bioweapons.”

He didn’t stop there. Pointing his finger squarely at Anthony Fauci, Kennedy claimed, “Fauci is the kingpin of bioweapon development.” He recounted the chilling episode when three deadly pathogens somehow “slipped” out of American labs. “Back in 2014, a coalition of 300 concerned scientists urgently pleaded with President Obama, warning him that Fauci was playing with fire. Their message? Fauci might just unleash a world-ending microbe.”

Obama, it seems, heeded that warning, at least partially. “Obama did take action, halting 18 of Fauci’s most dangerous experiments, many of which were spearheaded by a scientist named Ralph Baric in North Carolina,” revealed Kennedy.

However, in what could be called a move of cunning evasion, Fauci allegedly rerouted many of his projects offshore, staying away from the prying eyes of regulators.

In a grim finale to his revelation, Kennedy declared that there are an astonishing “36,000 ‘death scientists’ presently concocting potential bio-nightmares, all in the name of ‘research’.”