Video: Republican Presidential Candidate Shreds LGTBQ Reporter

In a candid confrontation, a self-proclaimed ‘LGBTQ+’ journalist tried to bait conservative presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy into making a negative statement about the “LGBTQ+ community.” But Ramaswamy, known for his straight talk, served the reporter a hefty dose of reality.

When asked about his thoughts on the “LGBTQ+ community,” Ramaswamy responded that the term is misleading as, in his view, “Trans is fundamentally in tension with gay.”

The journalist’s attempt to paint Ramaswamy into a corner by eliciting negative comments about same-sex couples fell flat. Instead, Ramaswamy emphasized his disapproval of the “tyranny of the minority.”

Ramaswamy defended religious freedoms, saying, “I don’t think that someone of faith should be coerced into performing a wedding that goes against their beliefs.” He also championed the rights of biological women in competitive sports and privacy situations, arguing against forcing women to compete against biological men in sports or share locker rooms with them. “That’s not freedom,” Ramaswamy declared, “that’s oppression.”

Furthermore, he voiced concerns over the premature introduction of certain ideologies to children. Adults have their rights, he said, but urged caution when it comes to imposing certain beliefs on young minds that aren’t yet equipped to process them.

Ramaswamy pointed out that many patriotic Americans are growing weary of this “culture of coercion” being thrust upon them. He commended the importance of civil discourse and the freedoms that allow such discussions, emphasizing that this liberty to engage in open dialogue, even with a presidential candidate, is what makes America exceptional.