Undercover Report: Migrant Facility’s Hidden Agenda

Independent investigative journalist James O’Keefe, through O’Keefe Media Group, recently released a report uncovering the activities of a “secretive Migrant Refugee Facility” in Phoenix, Arizona. Operated by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), this facility is alleged to be involved in covertly transporting illegal immigrants to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This operation raises questions about the legality and transparency of the IRC’s actions.

O’Keefe’s investigation, which included interactions with facility workers and immigrants, revealed concerning details about the IRC’s practices. The IRC, a global NGO with a budget over $1 billion in 2021, received significant funding from the U.S. government, amounting to $415 million, and an additional $75 million from the European Union.

A notable incident in O’Keefe’s report involved Jesus Moreno, a worker at the facility, who was recorded offering a bribe to prevent the publication of the investigation. Another encounter with Thomas Robles, an IRC employee and former executive of the left-leaning group Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), highlighted the facility’s reluctance to face public scrutiny. Robles’s aggressive response to O’Keefe, including labeling him a “domestic terrorist,” further underscored the facility’s secretive nature.

This report gains significance against the backdrop of a surge in illegal immigrant crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border under the Biden administration. The previous month saw over 276,000 illegal border crossings, setting new monthly records.

The lack of transparency surrounding the IRC’s operations is particularly concerning. Funded largely by taxpayer money, the IRC appears to be functioning with inadequate oversight. The attempt to silence a journalist through bribery not only undermines press freedom but also suggests questionable aspects of the IRC’s activities.

Furthermore, the transportation of illegal immigrants to airports for flights to various U.S. cities prompts questions about the federal government’s involvement in these actions. The use of subcontractors like Jet Limousines in these processes adds to the complexity, blurring the lines of responsibility between private entities and government agencies in managing immigration issues.