Tucker Carlson Unveils His New Streaming Service

Tucker Carlson, after his unexpected departure from Fox News in April, has transitioned to broadcasting his interviews on X, previously known as Twitter. His exit from Fox followed a major legal settlement of $787.5 million between Fox and Dominion Voting Systems, which had sued the network over claims questioning the reliability of Dominion’s voting machines.

Various speculations have emerged about the reasons behind Carlson’s departure, though neither he nor Fox News has publicly confirmed these theories.

Carlson is now moving forward with a new project. He announced on X his plans to launch a streaming platform called the Tucker Carlson Network (TNC) on Monday. In a post, he mentioned, “Hey, it’s Tucker Carlson! We’ve been out of work for seven or eight months now, hard to know. Time flies when you’re unemployed, but actually, we have been working in secret and producing an awful lot of material for months now. Interviews, et cetera and all of it has now found its way to TuckerCarlson.com.”

Carlson added that the launch of this “brand new thing” would be soon and invited viewers to visit his website for early access.

By the middle of the week, the platform aims to feature a variety of shows, including interviews, short videos, and Carlson’s renowned monologues. The network will have a red pill as its brand symbol and offer subscriptions at $9 per month, with an annual payment option available for savings. Some content will be free and ad-supported, while premium content will be exclusive to subscribers who will enjoy an ad-free experience.

While initially considering a launch on X, Carlson and his team decided to start the network on TuckerCarlson.com. He plans to continue posting free content on X and is also launching a new podcast.

Carlson’s venture has garnered significant financial support from influential entities. 1789 Capital, an investment firm focusing on opportunities arising from mainstream investors’ “wokeness”, led a $15 million seed investment in TCN. Additionally, Red Seat Ventures, known for aiding former Fox News personalities like Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly in their media endeavors, is managing a substantial part of the advertising for TCN’s podcast.