Trump: “Big Trouble” Over Ballot Bans

Former President Donald Trump raised concerns about potential consequences if the U.S. Supreme Court permits states to unilaterally remove him from presidential ballots. The 2024 Republican frontrunner conveyed these sentiments during a Friday rally in Sioux City, Iowa, as reported by The Hill.

Trump emphasized the importance of fair treatment, stating, “I just hope we get fair treatment. Because if we don’t, our country’s in big, big trouble. Does everybody understand what I’m saying?”

Critics on the left may interpret Trump’s remarks as a threat to the peace of the Republic. However, it is crucial to recognize that Trump was highlighting the evident danger posed by allowing a political party to eliminate opposing candidates without due process.

On the same Friday, the Supreme Court announced its decision to hear a case arising from Colorado’s unprecedented removal of Trump from the state’s primary ballot. The state’s high court relied on the unproven and uncharged accusation of “insurrection” to justify its action, marking an unprecedented move in the history of contentious U.S. presidential elections.
Trump acknowledged the Democrats’ efforts to exert pressure on the Supreme Court, emphasizing their repeated mention of three justices being appointees of the 45th president, insinuating potential bias. Trump noted, “They’re saying, ‘Oh, Trump owns the Supreme Court, he owns it. He owns it. If they make a decision for him, it will be terrible. It’ll ruin their reputations…If they rule in his favor, it will be horrible for them. And we’ll protest at their houses.'”

Drawing attention to the pressure placed on the jurists, Trump likened it to the tactics employed by college basketball coach Bobby Knight in influencing referees to favor his teams.

The decisions by the Colorado Supreme Court and Maine’s secretary of state are currently on hold pending the Supreme Court’s ruling. Both entities argued weakly that Trump engaged in “insurrection” during the January 6 demonstrations at the U.S. Capitol, despite the absence of charges related to any violation of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

The forthcoming U.S. Supreme Court ruling is expected to decisively address the matter nationwide, even as Democrats employ various indirect methods to impede Trump’s candidacy.