Soros Strikes With Huge Media Power Play

In a move stirring concern among conservatives and advocates for free speech, left-wing globalist billionaire George Soros, via his investment firm Soros Fund Management, has acquired a significant stake in Audacy, the nation’s second-largest radio network. This acquisition grants Soros considerable new media clout ahead of the 2024 elections.

Soros Fund Management assumed over $400 million of Audacy’s debt to secure the takeover. This purchase aligns with a broader trend where Soros-associated entities have been increasingly investing in the media sector, from acquiring radio stations to funding pro-Democrat news websites.

With ownership of over 200 radio stations nationwide, Audacy is undergoing restructuring under federal bankruptcy court oversight. This arrangement could see debt holders, including Soros, converting their debt into equity stakes, affording Soros substantial influence over Audacy’s operations and content.

Soros’s involvement in the media landscape is longstanding. His philanthropic endeavors have injected millions into local news operations and initiatives promoting “racial equity and inclusion” in newsrooms. However, his acquisition of a significant stake in a major radio network like Audacy represents a significant escalation in his media ambitions.

This acquisition by Soros comes amid challenges facing the radio industry from digital platforms, despite radio’s enduring reach and impact, particularly in rural and conservative areas. With a significant stake in Audacy, Soros could potentially reshape the content and bias of a medium traditionally supportive of conservative voices.

Furthermore, this move aligns with a pattern where Soros-affiliated entities have taken control of various media outlets. Last summer, Soros participated in taking over bankrupt Vice Media, and his organizations have been involved in purchasing news publications and supporting left-leaning news operations, indicating a strategic effort to influence the U.S. media landscape.