Ramaswamy Slams Biden’s DOJ Smoke Screen

In a bold move to challenge the opaque practices of the Biden Department of Justice, Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy made a public call for transparency, riding the wave of media attention following President Trump’s arraignment. Ramaswamy has leveraged the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in a quest to uncover the ‘truth’ about several contentious issues.

Standing defiantly outside the DC courthouse, Ramaswamy took the microphone, saying, “The reason the people don’t trust the government is that the government doesn’t trust the people. I’m here to demand the truth about what’s driving this rash of prosecutions, conveniently timed during the height of the upcoming election.”

He went on to question the simultaneous surge in indictments, all set to unroll in the heat of the presidential race, saying, “Is it because the government distrusts the people’s ability to choose their leaders? I certainly believe this is a politicized persecution through prosecution.”

Taking aim at the increasing trend of Big Tech censorship and suppression, Ramaswamy called for honesty around the origins of COVID and the concealed manifesto of the Nashville transgender school shooter. “Tell us the truth about what you actually told Jack Smith. Tell us the truth about the COVID origin. Tell us the truth about where the virus originated,” Ramaswamy demanded.

While many praised Ramaswamy’s audacity, skeptics accused the GOP candidate of attempting to ‘grift the MAGA grannies’.

In a previous appearance on Fox News, Ramaswamy divulged his plans to unveil notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s client list if he is elected president. Additionally, he boldly stated that Americans are still in the dark about the real story behind the 9/11 attacks.

Moreover, Ramaswamy has already tallied a victory against the globalist institution, the World Economic Forum. After the organization named him one of their ‘Young Global Leaders’ without his consent, he took them to court and won.

While many view Ramaswamy’s actions as a refreshing stand against the established order, others question his authenticity, speculating whether he might be a globalist sleeper agent in disguise. As always, it’s crucial to question the narrative and decide for yourself.