Political Payback: Biden’s Ballot Ban

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is exploring the possibility of excluding President Joe Biden from Florida’s ballot, seemingly in retaliation for Democratic efforts to remove former President Donald Trump from various state primary ballots. DeSantis, speaking to reporters on Friday, hinted at the potential of using Biden’s handling of the southern border situation as grounds for his removal from the state’s ballot.

DeSantis criticized the efforts to disqualify Trump from the ballot, warning of the partisan nature of such actions and their potential for escalation. He expressed concern about the precedent set by these attempts and the possibility of ongoing political retribution.

The Governor raised the point that the same tactics used against Trump could be employed against Biden, particularly in light of the immigration issues at the U.S.-Mexico border. DeSantis mentioned that his administration is examining whether there is a credible argument for Biden’s removal from Florida’s ballot due to the “invasion of eight million” at the border.

While DeSantis does not endorse the idea of excluding presidential candidates from ballots, he emphasized his readiness to reciprocate similar tactics used by Democrats. He asserted the importance of responding equally to the rules applied by the opposition.

This discussion comes in the context of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to review Trump’s ballot issue in Colorado. Trump was disqualified from the Colorado primary ballot following a ruling by the state’s Supreme Court, which cited his involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol protests as an insurrection. Trump has also appealed his removal from Maine’s primary ballot, a decision made by Secretary of State Shenna Bellows in late December.