Obama’s CIA Collusion Plot!

Breaking new information has come to light about the Russian collusion hoax allegedly perpetrated against President Trump. It links the entire thing to President Obama’s corrupt CIA. According to Fox News’ Jesse Watters, Michael Shellenberger, and Matt Taibbi, Obama’s CIA targeted Trump and started the entire Russia hoax.


In a conservative view, it’s worth considering the potential implications of these allegations. If confirmed, it would mean that the Obama White House committed serious crimes, such as illegal spying and illegal election interference – the very thing they accused Trump and his campaign of doing to win the White House in 2016.

The gist of the story is that former CIA director John Brennan secretly identified 26 close associates of Trump and told the Five Eyes intelligence alliance to target them through feigned interactions. After compiling information on their targets, Obama’s CIA deemed Trump’s associates “suspicious” to prompt the FBI to launch an investigation that would eventually become the infamous Russian collusion hoax.


Shellenberger joined Watters for the segment and revealed that, based on testimony from multiple credible sources close to the House intelligence investigation of the Russian collusion hoax, he believes the allegations are legitimate. In this conservative view, it is important to acknowledge the potential implications of these actions if they are proven true.


The allegations suggest that the Obama administration illegally spied on Trump and his associates and illegally interfered in the election. If true, this would represent a significant abuse of power and a threat to the integrity of the democratic process. In a conservative view, it’s worth considering how these actions could undermine the public’s trust in government institutions and the electoral process.


In conclusion, the conservative view of this story emphasizes the importance of holding those in power accountable for their actions and ensuring that government institutions are transparent and honest in their dealings. If the allegations against the Obama administration are confirmed, it would represent a serious breach of trust and a violation of the principles of democracy.