North Korea’s Rally for U.S. Annihilation Sends Chills!

On a Saturday, North Korea buzzed with large rallies nationwide. The occasion was none other than the “day of resistance against U.S. influence,” a day when leaders declared their intentions to defeat their adversaries, as reported by the country’s media.

Each corner of North Korea echoed with similar gatherings. High-ranking officials took to the stage to label the U.S. as “authoritarian monsters,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency revealed. The media wing claimed that the capital city, Pyongyang, was teeming with a staggering 120,000 participants.

“Every part of the U.S. is within our reach!” boasted one placard displayed by the media. “U.S. influence is a threat to peace,” echoed another.

The “Day of resistance against U.S. Influence” is a grim reminder of the 73rd anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

In 2019, former U.S. President Trump tried to broker a disarmament agreement with North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. Unfortunately, they couldn’t arrive at a consensus. Since then, Kim has been active under President Biden’s term, testing new nuclear missiles that could potentially reach the U.S.

At the rally, government speakers asserted that North Korea now holds the “most potent weapon to discipline the U.S. authoritarians,” as reported by the media.

Other officials reminisced about the hardships their nation endured during the Korean War. They lamented the bloodshed, saying, “Innocent lives were lost everywhere the enemy dared to tread,” according to the media’s account.