Nationwide Crisis: Trust in Government Plummets!

In these tense times, it’s clear that the country is more divided than ever. While we may not agree on many things, one common ground is the mistrust of the government and big corporations, particularly when it comes to the handling of our personal data.


A recent study by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank, revealed some concerning trends. The percentage of Republican or Republican-leaning adults who are concerned about the government’s use of their data has increased significantly, from 63% in 2019 to 77% in 2023. Additionally, over 80% of those polled believe that the information collected by artificial intelligence will be used in ways that make people uncomfortable or go against the original purpose of AI.


Furthermore, the study found that over 70% of people do not trust social media executives to keep their data safe. It is no surprise that mistrust in the government’s data collection is just the tip of the iceberg. Another Pew Research Center study from September 2023 showed that a staggering 84% of Americans do not trust the government at all, with only 4% believing that the system works.


The mistrust in the government seems to be closely linked to the state of the economy. When the economy is doing well, people are more likely to pay attention to politics and trust the government. However, when people are struggling, they may not have the bandwidth to focus on national politics. As we approach the November 5, 2024 election, it seems that the mistrust in our government will only grow.


For this country to be strong, it is essential that people can trust that their elected officials have their best interests at heart. However, the growing mistrust in our government and the handling of our data suggests that this trust is eroding, and it is crucial for our leaders to address these concerns and work towards rebuilding trust with the American people.