Michelle Obama to Replace Biden before Election?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has made a bold prediction, suggesting that former First Lady Michelle Obama might be strategically placed to replace President Joe Biden before the 2024 election. Cruz believes that former President Barack Obama is the mastermind behind the Biden administration.

Cruz cites polling data showing that a significant majority of Americans (66%) believe Joe Biden is too old to serve as president. Additionally, he notes a recent increase in media criticism directed at Biden, which he interprets as a sign that the media is ready to “cut bait.”

The senator raises concerns about Biden’s “mental diminishment” and suggests that if it worsens before the August Democratic National Convention, it will become clear that Biden is not fit to lead.

Cruz firmly believes that Barack Obama is the one exerting influence within the Biden White House, effectively running the administration. He contends that the likelihood of Michelle Obama assuming the presidency in August 2024 has significantly risen. This prospect alarms those dissatisfied with the current direction of the country, as they fear an even more radical path.

Cruz speculates that if Biden were to step down, the left would quickly elevate him to a symbolic status akin to FDR, placing him on the “Rushmore of socialism.” He urges Democrats to consider a more statesman-like approach by having their presidents step aside after two terms. Cruz characterizes Democrats as “dynastic,” “top-down,” and “command and control,” insinuating that Michelle Obama already holds a prominent position within the Democratic hierarchy.

It has been rumored that former President Barack Obama privately cautioned President Joe Biden not to underestimate the campaign prowess of former President Donald Trump and the energized GOP.

A recent poll highlighted Democratic concerns about President Biden’s advanced age, now at 80 years old.