Massive 700K Trucker Army Descends: Halt Invasion NOW!

An impressive convoy of 700,000 semi-trucks and large vehicles is en route to Texas, marking the Trucker Convoy 2.0 event aimed at supporting Governor Greg Abbott’s endeavors to secure the southern border of the state.

Identifying themselves as “God’s Army,” the truckers plan to converge on Eagle Pass, a site where Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and the Texas National Guard are in disagreement over the placement of razor wire along the Rio Grande River in Shelby Park.

Organized under the banner of “Take Our Border Back,” the convoy seeks to take a visible stance against alleged “globalist” efforts to maintain porosity in America’s southern border, allowing a continuous influx of illegal aliens.

Describing the initiative as a biblical and monumental moment orchestrated by divine providence, one organizer emphasized the perception of besiegement by dark forces of evil.

The convoy is set to commence its journey from Virginia Beach, passing through the southeast with planned stopovers in Florida and Louisiana before heading to Texas. Subsequent stops in Arizona and California will feature three separate rallies.

Similar to the Canadian trucker convoy, this act of rebellion against the federal government’s border security stance raises questions about its efficacy.

While some view the convoy positively as an expression of patriotism, skeptics suggest that such acts may be exploited by authorities using phone data to track participants. Concerns are expressed about the need for forceful measures against federal overreach, drawing parallels with Texas’ historical defiance.

Doubts are cast on the effectiveness of peaceful means for restoring the republic and rule of law, with suspicions raised about the convoy being a potential honeypot operation orchestrated by controlled opposition.

Amidst these discussions, criticism is directed at the current White House administration, accusing it of holding America hostage while permitting an inflow of illegal aliens into the country.