Jon Stewart Just The Triggered Liberals…

In his Monday night return to The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took aim at President Joe Biden’s age, sparking outrage among liberals.

Known for his biting humor, Stewart, who often targeted former President Donald Trump, shifted his focus to Biden, whose cognitive abilities have faced scrutiny.

During the segment, Stewart played a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris praising Biden’s ability to stay “on top” of everything. Stewart then questioned if anyone had witnessed Biden performing the tasks Harris claimed.

Another clip showed Biden discussing his cognitive ability after special counsel Robert Hur suggested he had a “significantly limited” memory.

“So Joe Biden had a big press conference to dispel the notion that he may have lost a step ― and, politically speaking, lost three to four steps,” Stewart said, highlighting concerns about Biden’s mental acuity.

Predictably, liberal critics took to social media to bash Stewart for his jokes about the president. One user expressed extreme offense, likening steam coming out of her ears as she typed her criticism.

Another user labeled Stewart’s words as “irresponsible” and declared they were done with the host. Meanwhile, a self-described “woke and proud” individual claimed to be “sick and tired” after just five minutes of hearing about Biden’s age.

Despite the backlash, Stewart maintained that the president should not be shielded from criticism, especially given the stakes of the election.

While liberals appeared triggered and had meltdowns over Stewart’s remarks, entrepreneur Elon Musk praised the show.

Stewart’s performance underscored the left’s intolerance for anyone who dares to state facts or question their agenda, revealing their hypocrisy in claiming to champion free speech and diversity of thought.