Is Michelle Obama Running For President

Speculation arose this week that former First Lady Michelle Obama could run for president, even as the Republican and Democratic Party nominating primaries are about to begin. The consideration came after multiple polls showed a large majority of Americans believing that President Joe Biden was too old and unhealthy to serve another term.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said during her podcast that there was “no question” that Michelle Obama was “more talented than Joe Biden is politically. No question.”

She added that despite doubts about her experience, she is also a “powerful Democratic weapon.”

“Whether it works this time, as a pundit, I remain skeptical,” she said.

In addition to the polls showing that Biden’s age is a liability, a number of other surveys show him behind former President Donald Trump. This includes a significant number of national polls, as well as most polls taken in crucial swing states, including those that Biden won narrowly in 2020.

Not only did Kelly provide her own speculation, but an op-ed in the Washington Times also predicted that Michelle Obama would seek the White House in 2024.

The op-ed predicted that Biden would win the Democratic nomination easily, but drop out of the race during the Democratic National Convention earlier this year.

The piece opined that she would “walk onto the stage and a shocked arena full of party faithful will explode with uncontrollable excitement. The unparalleled enthusiasm will ensure the Big Mo Train will immediately leave the station and no one will be able to derail it.”

The former First Lady also generated a lot of press during a recent interview in which she said that she was concerned about the future of the country if Trump was elected to another term.

Michelle Obama does not have significant political experience. The most recent case of a presidential spouse seeking the White House was the Democratic Party’s 2016 nomination of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

While Clinton ultimately lost the election to Trump, she had also served eight years in the U.S. Senate representing New York and four years as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.