iPhone Recall: Radiation Warning!

In a move that’s sure to ruffle some feathers, France has set its sights on Apple’s iPhone 12. The smartphone giant touted it as a “huge leap” in technology when it was released in October 2020, with sales soaring to 100 million units within eight months. However, France isn’t impressed and is demanding changes or a complete recall.

France’s National Frequency Agency (ANFR) dropped the bombshell on September 12, claiming that the iPhone 12 emits levels of radiation that exceed European Union standards. They insist that Apple must either “fix the malfunction” or pull these supposedly hazardous phones from the market. The Associated Press reported that the agency tested 141 iPhone 12s and found that the electromagnetic energy absorbed by users’ hands or pockets exceeded France’s permissible limit of four watts per kilogram by 1.74 watts per kilogram.

But here’s the twist: France’s digital minister conceded that the radiation levels, while higher than the norm, aren’t harmful to people. The tests didn’t even account for typical usage patterns. Nevertheless, France seems determined to enforce their standards to the letter, regardless of the minor deviation.

ANFR’s Jean-Noel Barrot told Le Parisien that a simple update from Apple could resolve the situation. He’s giving the tech giant a two-week ultimatum to respond, or he’ll pull the trigger on a full-scale iPhone 12 recall.

The puzzling part is, what makes the iPhone 12 so different when it comes to radiation absorption?

Apple isn’t taking this sitting down. They’ve fired back, asserting that the iPhone 12 model was certified by multiple international organizations and is fully compliant. CNBC even reported that Apple is actively challenging ANFR’s findings.

Is France genuinely concerned about radiation, or is there something more to this controversy? Only time will tell as Apple gears up for a battle royale with the French authorities over the iPhone 12’s fate.