Hundreds DEAD – Bodies Everywhere!

A disturbing discovery has been made at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, where a mass grave containing 392 bodies was found in early April. This grave was uncovered following the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the area, according to a Palestinian Civil Defense official.

Prior to the recent conflict, approximately 100 bodies were already buried at this hospital, as per the official’s statement. Workers at the site have managed to identify 165 of the bodies, some of whom were found wearing surgical gowns and hospital wristbands. Efforts are ongoing to identify the remaining 227 bodies. Mohammed Al Mighayyer, reporting on the situation, noted that three separate mass graves were located at the medical complex: one in front of the morgue, one behind it, and another near the dialysis building.

Al Mighayyer further mentioned that among the deceased were children, and controversially claimed, without providing evidence, that 20 civilians had been buried alive. He also alleged, again without evidence, that some patients who were receiving treatment at the hospital had been executed, noting that some bodies bore gunshot wounds. Additionally, he claimed that Israeli forces had buried several bodies in plastic bags at a depth of three meters to accelerate decomposition, although these allegations remain unverified.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have categorically denied any involvement with the graves, asserting that the graves were dug by Palestinians in Gaza months earlier. IDF international spokesperson Nadav Shoshani countered the claims circulating about the mass graves with a video posted on Twitter showing Gazans digging a grave at the hospital. Shoshani emphasized that any attribution of blame to Israel for these graves is “categorically false.”

Reports from family members of those buried at the hospital suggest that around 100 people were interred on the hospital grounds as a temporary measure in January. However, these family members have stated that after the Israeli military’s withdrawal on April 7, these bodies were moved to a collective grave.

In response to these grim findings, the Palestinian Civil Defense has called for the formation of an international committee under the United Nations to conduct a thorough investigation into the mass graves, seeking clarity and accountability for the events that transpired at the Nasser Medical Complex.