Hollywood Meltdown

Hollywood actress and singer Barbra Streisand has stated she would consider leaving the United States if Donald Trump were re-elected as president. This declaration was made during her appearance on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, where she expressed her strong opposition to the 45th president.

During the interview, when asked by Colbert about her potential relocation plans, Streisand, known for her hit song “Woman in Love,” indicated the UK as her likely destination. She also voiced her support for Joe Biden, praising his performance as president and acknowledging his compassion and intelligence.

Streisand also responded to Colbert’s question regarding the rise of antisemitism in America. She expressed her concern and sadness about the current state of affairs, emphasizing the importance of coexistence and mutual respect among people of different religions and backgrounds.

The discussion took place while Streisand was promoting her memoir, “My Name is Barbra.” In her book, she offers a critical perspective on Donald Trump, describing him as unfit for the presidency. In contrast, she speaks highly of Bill and Hillary Clinton, whom she considers a remarkable couple.

Streisand further commented on the broader issues facing the world, such as the treatment of children and mothers regardless of their religious beliefs. She emphasized the need for global peace and coexistence, expressing her distress about the current global situation and questioning the role of a higher power in these challenging times. Her reflections highlight her concern about the state of the world and its impact on her ability to focus on her career and book promotion.