Google’s 16-Year Election Manipulation Exposed!

A recent study from the Media Research Center has unearthed concerning revelations about Google’s interference in major U.S. elections. According to the study, Google has meddled in American elections a staggering 41 times over the past 16 years, significantly undermining the democratic process.

The researchers at the MRC found instances where Google’s actions had a detrimental impact on candidates across the political spectrum, consistently favoring left-wing candidates. In a scathing summary of their findings, MRC Free Speech America vice president Dan Schneider and editor Gabriela Pariseau highlighted Google’s apparent agenda-driven approach, using its vast resources to advance leftist values.

Google’s outsized influence on information dissemination and electoral outcomes became glaringly evident as early as 2008. Despite claims of impartiality, Google’s actions have consistently favored liberal candidates while censoring their opponents. From allegedly favoring Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008 to suppressing news critical of Biden in more recent elections, Google’s bias has become increasingly apparent.

The study also highlights Google’s manipulation of search results and advertising platforms to sway public opinion. By selectively promoting content that aligns with its ideological leanings and censoring dissenting voices, Google has effectively weaponized its platforms to influence electoral outcomes.

Despite mounting evidence of its interference, Google has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, insisting that its actions are driven by business interests and a commitment to impartiality. However, the MRC’s findings paint a starkly different picture, revealing a pattern of behavior that undermines the integrity of the electoral process.

In light of these revelations, MRC Free Speech America has called for immediate action to address Google’s egregious behavior. Speaker Mike Johnson and relevant committees are urged to investigate Google for violating constitutional rights and interfering in elections. Additionally, state legislatures are encouraged to scrutinize Google’s status as a common carrier, and Americans are urged to seek alternatives to Google’s products to ensure unbiased access to information.

Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell has called on Congress to take decisive action to curb Google’s unchecked power. With Google’s repeated manipulation of public opinion threatening the very foundation of democracy, urgent steps must be taken to hold the tech giant accountable and safeguard the integrity of America’s electoral process.