Gone In 60 Seconds

In a shocking incident early Tuesday, Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after a cargo ship struck one of its pillars, causing it to break apart and fall into the water below.

Rescue teams are working urgently to locate several missing individuals, while experts are trying to understand what led to this tragic event. John Pistorino, a structural engineer, expressed surprise that such a large ship could cause such extensive damage, even if it was off course.

He mentioned a similar disaster at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay years ago, where underwater structures helped divert ships away from critical parts of the bridge. Pistorino emphasized the importance of redundancy in bridge construction, which allows structures to maintain their function even if parts are damaged.

Maryland officials, including Governor Wes Moore, held press conferences to update the public. Governor Moore mentioned that the cargo ship had issued a distress call, allowing authorities to limit traffic on the bridge before the collision.

As of now, at least six people are still missing, and search efforts are ongoing. Concerns have been raised about the cold temperatures, which could lead to hypothermia for anyone submerged in the water.