Four Siblings’ Fate in Deadly Crash

A tragic accident in Wisconsin resulted in the death of four siblings from the Gonzalez family. Daniel Gonzalez, 25, Fabian Gonzalez, 23, Lilian Gonzalez, 14, and Daniela Gonzalez, 9, were fatally injured when 47-year-old Scott Farmer crashed his truck head-on into their SUV. This incident occurred on a Saturday night around 9 pm on Highway 10, nearly 100 miles from Milwaukee, reportedly due to Farmer driving on the wrong side of the road.

Farmer faces four counts of homicide due to intoxicated vehicle use. At the scene, Fabian, Lilian, and Daniela passed away, while Daniel later died in the hospital on Sunday.

The siblings’ step-father, Kurt Shilling, emphasized the devastating impact of driving under the influence, stating that such actions had “destroyed our lives”. Farmer’s bond was set at $75,000 during a video court appearance from Waupaca County jail on Monday.

Luis Gonzalez-Quizhpe, a cousin of the victims, started a GoFundMe campaign to support the grieving family. He shared that the siblings were part of the Indigenous Saraguro community from Ecuador. They were close to their home, just three miles away, returning from their regular weekly outing when the accident occurred.

The local community, including friends Shelby Strahl and her twin Farah Krueger, visited the crash site to pay their respects.

Schilling expressed dissatisfaction with the bond amount for Farmer, questioning its fairness. Farmer’s attorney, Alex Gelhar, argued that his client had significant financial and family connections in the area, suggesting he wouldn’t flee.

The siblings will be honored with funeral services in Wisconsin before being taken to Ecuador, their birthplace, for burial. The GoFundMe proceeds will assist with funeral costs, repatriation, and other related expenses.