Dems Hatch Sinister Scheme to ‘Install’ Kamala Harris As President

More and more Democrats are getting comfortable with Vice President Kamala Harris taking the top job in the Oval Office. They want President Joe Biden to be reelected for this reason, say some insiders.

A recent survey by Suffolk University/USA Today, out on Tuesday, found that 86% of Biden’s Democratic supporters feel pretty good about Harris becoming president. This could happen if Biden and Harris win again and Biden can’t finish his four-year term.

People in the political world, who chatted with Fox News Digital, said Harris has a strong chance of becoming president. This could make a big political splash in our country, touching every American’s life.

The plan for the Democratic Party is to keep their people in power. Their strategy is to get Biden reelected, regardless of age or health. Then, they plan for him to step aside so Harris can take over, says Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard was a Hawaii Rep., and in 2020, she ran for president as a Democrat.

According to Gabbard, Harris will be new and not elected by the people but ready to play the role of the Democratic Party’s president. She would then have the upper hand to run for the position in 2028.

Gabbard says all of this only works if Biden runs again. If Harris tried to run for president herself, she would face stiff competition and likely wouldn’t win. That’s why they’re supporting Biden’s reelection: they want Harris to have a clear path to the presidency.

Gabbard argues that Harris doesn’t have what it takes to be the commander-in-chief, and it would be bad for the country if she became the first woman president.

This should be something voters care about, but Gabbard worries that mainstream news will cover it up. They don’t want Americans to know that a President Harris would be a bad idea for the country.

Doug Schoen, a Democratic pollster and founder of Schoen Cooperman Research, also thinks Harris isn’t ready for the spotlight. He points to her low approval ratings as proof.

Even though Democrats might like Harris, the rest of the voters probably won’t, Schoen argues. Harris’ ratings are lower than Biden’s, so it’s unclear if she can govern effectively.

Civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell, who contributes to Fox News, thinks Democrats will try to sell a “Biden-Harris” ticket for 2024.

Terrell believes Democrats have to push Harris as a suitable replacement for Biden. If they don’t, they could lose support from black women, who are very loyal voters. He says this is the problem when you choose someone based on their race rather than their skills. Plus, Democratic donors want Harris to look like she can take over competently.

Terrell is sure the American public thinks Harris is still waiting to step in for Biden or serve as president.

Marc Lotter, a former assistant to President Trump and the principal communications officer for the America First Policy Institute, isn’t surprised that Harris’ approval numbers are low.

Harris will weigh down the Democratic ticket because of her poor ratings and track record, Lotter says.

Hank Sheinkopf, a former consultant for the Clinton-Gore Campaign, adds that Democrats are rooting for Biden in hopes that he will stay healthy and serve the entire four years.