Democrats Cracking Under Pressure

The New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, is sounding the alarm over her state’s capacity to handle more immigrants due to the Biden administration’s open border policies. In a candid interview with CNN, she didn’t mince words, stating, “New York is bursting at the seams. We simply can’t take in more people.”

Interestingly, these concerns echo those of Vice President Kamala Harris, whom President Joe Biden tasked with addressing the migration issue. Harris had previously advised Central American migrants, “Do not come.”

Expanding on this, Hochul emphasized to CNN, “Our resources are stretched to the limit, and it’s only fair to tell those thinking of migrating that they should explore other options.”

A simmering disagreement has persisted between Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams concerning the housing of undocumented immigrants. While Adams contends that the city is already overcrowded, Hochul had earlier blocked his attempts to relocate immigrants within the state.

Now, Hochul is suggesting that immigrants consider staying in Mexico, a stance reminiscent of a policy implemented by former President Donald Trump, only to be reversed by Biden. Hochul argues, “A more sensible approach would be for individuals to seek asylum while still in their home countries.”

To facilitate this process, the Department of Homeland Security, under the Biden administration, has launched the CBP One™ app. It allows prospective migrants to apply for asylum before reaching the U.S. border, streamlining the system.