“Cash for Crooks” Dem City Now Paying Criminals?

In the grand state of New York, where crime is as rampant as the pigeons in Central Park, Democrats have decided that the best way to tackle the issue is by rewarding criminals with a generous handout. State Sen. Kevin “Cash-for-Criminals” Parker (D-Brooklyn) and Assemblyman Eddie “Ex-Con Extraordinaire” Gibbs (D-Manhattan) have proposed a bill that would give prisoners a whopping $2,600 upon release, because apparently, crime does pay in the Empire State.

Gibbs, who has firsthand experience with the criminal justice system after serving time for manslaughter as a teen, believes that this financial boost will help ex-prisoners meet their “basic human needs,” like food and housing. You know, because they couldn’t possibly find a job like the rest of us law-abiding citizens.


While some politicians, like Sen. George “No-Nonsense” Borrello (R-NY), are rightfully against this absurd proposal, Democrats seem to think that being soft on crime and throwing money at criminals is the solution to the skyrocketing crime rate in the state. Meanwhile, they’re also planning to deploy 750 National Guard members to the subway system, because apparently, they can’t figure out how to handle crime without spending even more taxpayer money.

Speaking of taxpayers, they’re the real winners in this scenario, as they get to foot the bill for this $25 million (or more, according to some advocates) handout to criminals. It’s a good thing New York Democrats have been so generous with their spending on illegal immigrants in the city, because it’s not like the state has any other pressing issues to address.