Caitlyn Jenner Goes After Anchor in Live Debate

Here’s a conservative rewrite of the article using simple words while maintaining the same length:
Don Lemon, a former CNN anchor, was recently called out by Caitlyn Jenner for being privileged, rich, and entitled. This happened after a strange talk on “Real Time with Bill Maher” between Maher, Lemon, and Scott Galloway, a professor at NYU.

They talked about protests at colleges that support Palestine and how they make students feel uncomfortable. Maher made a joke about it, saying, “You mean like living in a tent?”

Lemon said, “I’m not like you guys. I’m a black gay man, so I’m always in uncomfortable places.” He added, “Look, I’m often the only non-white person in the room.” Maher joked back, “There’s only three of us here, come on.”

Jenner liked that Maher stood up to Lemon and said Lemon was “entitled.” On social media, Jenner wrote, “Good job Bill Maher. Don is a privileged, rich, (and entitled. Demands to the platform and CNN in his contract), celebrity. Get over yourself.”

Lemon’s time with the social media company was short. Elon Musk ended the partnership after just one episode of “The Don Lemon Show.” The company didn’t say exactly why, but said they “can make choices” about who they work with.

People say Lemon had a lot of demands in his deal, like a free Tesla Cybertruck, $5 million upfront plus an $8 million salary, and a private jet trip to Las Vegas with his husband if he only hosted his show on their platform. He also supposedly wanted part ownership of the company and the power to approve any changes to news content rules.

CNN fired Lemon in 2023 after he had some controversial moments on air, like arguing about race with former Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and fighting with his “CNN This Morning” co-hosts over comments about 51-year-old Nikki Haley not being “in her prime.”