Biden’s Response is a “Horrible Disservice” to America!

Tulsi Gabbard, the former U.S. Congresswoman from Hawaii, has come out swinging against Biden’s embarrassingly weak response to the catastrophic Maui wildfire, declaring it a blatant “disservice” to the American people.

Speaking eight days post the calamity, during a Fox News segment, Gabbard lamented, “Despite being in touch with community leaders and members, the Biden Administration, along with county and state authorities, have shown minimal involvement in alleviating the suffering of those affected.”

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, she expressed, “The community is stepping up where the government has utterly failed. They are relying on 100% volunteer-driven support hubs to assist the victims, making it crystal clear they’ve been left in the lurch by those in power.”

The very fabric of trust between the citizens and their government is tearing apart as Gabbard reveals, “It’s heartbreaking. These devastated victims not only face the cold shoulder from the administration but are even obstructed from seeking support from their own communities.”

Drawing attention to the ongoing crisis, she stated, “This disaster continues to worsen. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is handing out a meager $700 payment via FEMA to the impacted. Yet, they don’t hesitate to pour millions into foreign nations like Ukraine.”

Gabbard, echoing the sentiment of the betrayed residents, sardonically quipped, “Some have joked, if only we renamed Maui to Ukraine, we might actually get some attention.”

Despite over 100 citizens being dead and over a staggering 1000 missing, Biden has remained virtually silent, dodging the media and skirting any responsibility or questions related to this American tragedy.