Biden’s Last-Ditch Effort..

In a last-ditch effort, President Joe Biden is pinning his hopes on an upcoming State of the Union speech to salvage his faltering reelection prospects, a move dubbed a “big Hail Mary” by pundits, as he trails behind his potential opponent, Donald Trump.

As the 2024 election looms, Biden’s campaign strategists and advisors are banking heavily on the March State of the Union address to breathe new life into his bid for a second term, reports Axios, a known liberal news outlet.

This strategic maneuver comes at a crucial juncture, with Biden lagging behind former President Donald Trump in polling data across key swing states.

Amid mounting concerns among Biden’s loyal supporters about his reelection chances, the State of the Union speech is viewed as a pivotal opportunity to quell discussions about the 81-year-old president’s fitness for office.

“Everyone in his inner circle understands the urgency of revving up this campaign,” a source familiar with Biden’s campaign strategy confided to the news outlet.

“The only way to counter the fallout from the special counsel’s damning report [criticizing Biden’s age] is for the president to be actively engaged, projecting strength and resilience,” the source emphasized.

Biden’s team aims to replicate the perceived success of his 2023 State of the Union address, which was lauded for showcasing his vigor and determination.

Consequently, Biden’s advisors are leaving no stone unturned in fine-tuning his upcoming speech and ensuring his physical readiness.

Despite lingering concerns about Biden’s physical vigor for the presidency, particularly following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report – which raised doubts about the president’s age and memory capabilities – there’s a burgeoning sense of optimism within his campaign ranks.

Reportedly, morale among Biden’s staff is on the upswing, signaling a belief in a potential turnaround, according to Axios.

In anticipation of the State of the Union address, Biden is also mulling over significant executive actions to address the ongoing border crisis.

Meanwhile, Trump has enjoyed a recent surge in the polls, boasting a 4.3-point lead over Biden as of January 26, marking his largest lead since before September 2023, per the RealClearPolitics average.