“Biden’s Brother: Caught on FBI Tape”

A recent report has disclosed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) secretly recorded conversations involving President Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, as part of a broader investigation. This news emerges amidst scrutiny of James Biden’s involvement with Hunter Biden, the president’s son, in various foreign business ventures.

In the 1990s, a consulting firm owned by James Biden and his wife, Sara, was contracted by trial attorney Richard Scruggs, who was lobbying Congress on tobacco legislation. For this service, James Biden’s firm received $100,000. Scruggs later stated that his decision to hire James was likely influenced by Joe Biden’s position as a senator from Delaware at the time.

Scruggs was subsequently imprisoned for bribery in a separate case. During this investigation, the FBI recorded his conversations, including those with James Biden. Allegations surfaced that James Biden was attempting to establish a new company with Scruggs’ partners, with Hunter Biden also expected to be involved in this unmaterialized venture.

James Biden’s various foreign business dealings with Hunter Biden have drawn attention from Republican investigators in Congress, especially those involving significant financial gains from foreign sources, including China.

The House Oversight Committee has also revealed checks written by James Biden to Joe Biden, labeled as “loan repayment,” shortly after receiving these foreign funds. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chair of the committee, expressed concerns about these transactions, raising questions about President Biden potentially benefitting personally from his family’s international financial activities.

One particular check, amounting to $200,000, was drawn from a joint account belonging to James Biden and his wife Sara. Comer commented on the issue, stating that even if it was a personal loan repayment, it remains concerning due to its connection to the Biden family’s financial dealings.