Biden Leaks Strike: Terrorists Killers Escape!

The Biden administration’s disastrous move to leak military plans to the media allowed Iran-backed terrorists, responsible for killing three U.S. soldiers, to escape unscathed. The administration’s inexplicable eagerness to share strategic details with the mainstream media has put national security at risk.

NBC News, on Wednesday, disclosed the U.S. military’s intention to conduct a sustained bombing campaign lasting weeks, targeting Iranian facilities outside the country. This revelation, based on government officials’ statements, was promptly followed by CBS News reporting that the Iran-backed terrorist groups had already evacuated their bases in Iraq and Syria, anticipating U.S. retaliatory strikes.

In another concerning disclosure, an unnamed U.S. official informed ABC News about deliberate strikes on facilities linked to the attacks. The Biden administration’s actions have drawn severe criticism for inadvertently tipping off the enemy and allowing terrorists to escape.

Andrea Stricker, deputy director and research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), criticized the administration’s restrained approach. Stricker emphasized that retaliatory strikes should have been so devastating as to compel Iran to order its terrorist allies to stand down. The Biden administration’s failure to deliver a robust response signals a desire for restraint, perpetuating a dangerous cycle of attacks.

Critics are questioning the administration’s commitment to national security and accusing it of moving the U.S. toward war with Iran without obtaining proper congressional approval. Notably, these actions contradict President Biden’s 2020 tweet, where he asserted that then-President Donald Trump lacked the authority to initiate war with Iran. The administration’s inconsistent stance and strategic blunders are undermining the nation’s security and raising concerns about its leadership.