Biden Caught Red Handed in Illegal Mobile App Scheme

On May 23, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, advanced a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s administration. The legal action raised allegations that the administration authorized migrants to illegally gain entry into the U.S. using a government-sponsored mobile application. According to Paxton, the contentious app is viewed as a catalyst for unauthorized immigration and a clear violation of standing immigration laws.

The Controversy over Title 42 and the New Asylum Rule. This lawsuit follows the recent conclusion of Title 42 and the consequent introduction of a new directive by the Biden administration. This directive requires asylum-seekers to seek sanctuary in a safe third country before their attempt to enter the U.S. The rule, however, has been overshadowed by a government-sponsored mobile app, easily accessible and allegedly enabling migrants to bypass the newly-established requirement, as noted by the Department of Homeland Security.

The mobile application called Customs and Border Protection (CBP) One is said to actively promote the scheduling of border appointments for foreign nationals in Mexico. This includes individuals who are pregnant, mentally ill, disabled, homeless, elderly, and victims of crime. Critics argue that the underlying objective of the app is to increase the chances of gaining entry into the United States.

These foreign nationals can utilize the CBP One app for scheduling appointments up to 14 days in advance at eight different Ports of Entry in Arizona, Texas, and California.

The Argument Presented by Paxton. Paxton’s legal contention hinges on the allegation that the Biden administration deliberately designed this mobile app with the intent of allowing an increased number of foreign individuals into the U.S., granting them the freedom to move within the country once they arrive.

Response from the Department of Homeland Security. However, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security countered these claims, stating that the CBP One app promotes safe, orderly, and humane processing of migrants and aims to curb unlawful immigration.

The Repercussions of the Immigration Policy According to the Lawsuit. The lawsuit further suggests that the mobile app, working hand-in-hand with the administration’s expanded parole policies, expedites the processing of aliens at the border, causing a rapid influx of migrants into the country.

Furthermore, the lawsuit highlights that this increased influx of unauthorized migrants into Texas imposes financial burdens on the state in terms of public education, law enforcement, healthcare, and other public services.

Future Directions for Border Security. In contrast to current border policies, former President Donald Trump, in a recent online video, committed to reinstating his border security measures. He emphasized that he would issue an executive order to abolish the policy of “birthright citizenship” on his hypothetical first day back in office.