Armed Invasion: Cartel’s Deadly Arsenal Uncovered!

In yet another damning testament to Biden’s disasterous border policies, the Rio Grande Valley Sector becomes the latest hotspot for deadly Mexican cartel armaments. Border Patrol agents, struggling under the weight of the President’s reckless open border strategy, uncovered these lethal weapons on the Texas shoreline of the Rio Grande River. Shockingly, this marks the second flagrant armed cartel intrusion in South Texas in just this month alone.

Chief Border Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez, clearly frustrated by the endless dangers posed by this administration’s lax approach, revealed the grim reality agents face. Taking to X, the platform once known as Twitter, she wrote, “Our U.S. Border Patrol Agents face these threats every single day, working tirelessly to keep our nation secure. Alongside our L.E. partners, they recently discovered an alarming cache of weapons and ammunition, carelessly discarded by criminal cartels near Fronton, TX.”

The chilling photos released showcase what looks unmistakably like an AR-15-style rifle, multiple rifle magazines, and even a Kalashnikov-style rifle, half-submerged in the river. Even more concerning? No one was detained in connection with this dangerous discovery.

Adding to the chaos, just last Friday, a brazen armed member of a Mexican cartel was spotted crossing the Rio Grande alongside a swarm of illegal immigrants. Disturbing reports indicate that he even pointed his rifle at our Texas National Guard near the international railroad bridge in Eagle Pass, Texas. And where were the authorities? Fox News’ Bill Melugin confirmed that this armed intruder vanished before they could even arrive.

Recall this past June when Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol troopers detained five individuals suspected of cartel ties, confiscating two menacing AR-15-style weapons. Lieutenant Chris Olivarez from DPS confided to Breitbart, “One of the apprehended men shared how they faced gunfire from Mexican law enforcement and were forced to make a hasty retreat across the Rio Grande.”

It’s clear that the Biden-made crisis isn’t slowing down. Just this past month, encounters with illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley Sector have skyrocketed by a staggering 200%. A mere weekend in early July witnessed 1,647 encounters, but fast forward a week and that number leaped to an astonishing 4,660 migrant confrontations. When will the Biden administration wake up to the chaos they’ve unleashed?