Actress Confesses She Can No longer Bath Herself

In a candid discussion on the “MeSsy” podcast with host Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Christina Applegate shared the profound impact her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has had on her daily life, including the challenging reality of being unable to shower due to the condition. Known for her memorable role in “Married With Children,” Applegate has been open about her journey with MS, revealing the significant obstacles it presents.

During the podcast, Applegate described a recent relapse that has caused intense leg pain, severely limiting her mobility and making it impossible for her to stand in the shower. She humorously suggested investing in Cottonelle as she navigates alternative methods for personal hygiene, indicating the extent to which her condition affects even the most basic tasks.

Applegate elaborated on her struggles with bathing, noting the difficulty of sitting on a small bench in her shower due to her body’s changes and the risk of slipping. Her reliance on Cottonelle wipes to clean herself highlights the adjustments she’s had to make in her daily routine.

The actress spoke about the exhaustive nature of her condition, mentioning “odd tingles” and circulation issues that lead to unbearable pain. The challenge of simply walking to the bathroom underscores the severity of her symptoms, alongside a specific issue with her right eye that affects her sleep.

Applegate’s life has been significantly impacted by MS, with her 12-year-old daughter, Sadie, becoming her closest support. Despite the hardships, Applegate finds moments of humor and connection with her daughter, sharing lighthearted interactions to ease the weight of her situation.